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Dimmaktor,univ.1x500W,2X300W,4x250W/VA DIN

Dim Kanaler:


LED universal dimming actuator, 4-gang

4 x 250 W, HV LED lamps typ. 4 x 3 ... 50 W
1 x 950 W
Rail mounting device, 8 rail units

LED universal dimming actuator, 2-gang

2 x 300 W, HV LED lamps typ. 2 x 3 ... 60 W
Rail mounting device, 4 rail units

LED universal dimming actuator / speed regulator, 1-gang

1 x 500 W, HV LED lamps typ. 3 ... 100 W

Intended use

Switching and dimming of incandescent lamps, HV halogen lamps, dimmable HV-LED lamps, dimmable compact fluorescent lamps, dimmable inductive transformers with LV halogen or LV LED lamps, dimmable electronic transformers with LV halogen or LV LED lamps
Mounting on DIN rail according to EN 60715 in distribution boxes

Product characteristics
Automatic or manual selection of the dimming principle suitable for the load
Protected against no-load, short-circuit and overheating
Signal in the event of a short-circuit
Outputs can be operated manually
Feedback of the switching position and the dimming value
Parameterisable switch-on and dimming behaviour
Time functions: switch-on delay, switch-off delay, staircase lighting timer with run-on time
Light scene operation
Disabling of individual outputs manually or by bus
Status indicator of the outputs via LED
Operating hours counter
Mains failure longer than approx. 5 seconds leads to switch-off of the dimmer actuator.
Depending on the parameter setting, the connected load is calibrated after resumption of power supply.
Increase in output power possible through parallel switching of multiple outputs (max. 950 W)

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Artnr: 3901 REGHE
Artikelnamn: Dimmaktor,univ.500W/VA,DIN
Artnr: 3902REGHE
Artikelnamn: KNX univ. Dimmeraktor 2-k 2X300VA / 2X60W LED
Artnr: 3904REGHE
Artikelnamn: KNX univ. Dimmeraktor 4-k 4X250VA / 2X50W LED


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