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Bryt-/Jalusiaktor JUNG

E-nummer 1770665
Bryt kanaler:


Switch / blinds actuator, 4/2-gang,8/4-gang,16/8-gang

Rail mounting device, 4/8 rail units
Switch actuator: max. 4/8/16-gang
Blind actuator:  2/4/8-gang
2-gang switch actuator/1-gang blind actuator in combination
with manual electronic operation and LED status indication
Only with the ETS 3.0d version or later versions the full functionality will be available.
ETS product family: Output
Product type: Binary output

Intended use
Switching of AC 110 ... 230 V electrical loads with floating contacts
Switching of electrically-driven blinds, shutters, awnings and similar hangings
Mounting on DIN rail in small distributors

Product characteristics
Outputs can be operated manually, construction site mode
Feedback in manual mode and in bus mode
Light scene function
Disabling of individual outputs manually or via bus

Characteristics switch operation
Operation as NO or NC contacts
Logic and restraint function
Feedback function
Central switching function with centralized feedback
Time functions: switch-on delay, switch-off delay, staircase lighting timer with pre-warning function

Characteristics blinds operation
Suitable for 110 ... 230 V AC motors
Hanging position directly controllable
Slat position directly controllable
Feedback of movement status, blind/shutter position and slat position
Forced position through higher-level controller
Safety function: 3 independent wind alarms, rain alarm, frost alarm
Sun protection function

The total current of two adjacent outputs must not exceed 20 A.

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Artnr: 2304.16REGHE
Artikelnamn: KNX Bryt-/Jalusiaktor, 4/2-k
Artnr: 2308.16REGHE
Artikelnamn: KNX Bryt-/Jalusiaktor, 8/4-k
Artnr: 2316.16REGHE
Artikelnamn: KNX Bryt-/Jalusiaktor, 16/8-k
  • E-nummer: 1770665
Streckkod: 4,01E+12
Streckkod: 4,01E+12
Streckkod: 4,01E+12
Tillverkarens artikelnummer: 1770665
E-nummer 1770665


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