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KNX univ. Väderstation


KNX universal weather station

compact housing
including fastening arm
ETS product family: Input
Product type: Analogue input 4-gang

Intended use
Measurement and evaluation of weather data: wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, brightness, global radiation, twilight, temperature, relative air humidity and air pressure
Installation on the outside of buildings, preferable in the roof and facade area
Operation with additional power supply (ref.-no.: WSSV 10)

Product characteristics
Integrated GPS/GLONASS receiver for automated positioning
Calculation of additional weather data: absolute air humidity, chill temperature, comfort
Function for shading control
Integrated KNX bus coupling unit
Measuring and limit value monitoring
Software logic modules for linking events
Integrated heating

The weather station needs an operating voltage supply of 24 V AC, for example power supply module ref.-no. WSSV 10.

Spare part:
fastening arm ref.-no.: 2225 BFA

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Artnr: 2225WSU
Artikelnamn: KNX univ. Väderstation
Streckkod: 4011377127562


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